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iTero Scanner – DeLand, FL

A Cleaner, Easier Way to Get Invisalign

When a patient is interested in getting Invisalign, the first step is to take impressions of your teeth as they are now. The impressions are used as a guide by the lab that makes the Invisalign aligners. The traditional way to get a dental impression is to use a special dental putty, but not only is this method prone to mistakes, it can also be very uncomfortable for the patient. At Dr. Cowell’s practice, we can use iTero Scanners as alternative to traditional putty for increased accuracy and convenience.

What is an iTero Scanner?

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iTero scans (also called 3D intraoral scans) is a special device that quickly takes thousands of pictures of the inside of your mouth. These images are used to assemble a 3D model of your mouth, teeth and gums. This lets us perform a full assessment and inspect every aspect of every part of the inside of your mouth.

The pictures is taken with a special, hygienic scanner called a wand that uses low-radiation lasers to take about 20 pictures of your teeth every second. During the process, the wand is gradually moved and rotated to ensure that the oral scan is complete. Overall, it can take less than 10 minutes to create a digital model of your smile using iTero.

Benefits of iTero

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  • Fewer Rejections: On occasion, a traditional dental mold is rejected by Invisalign if it’s deemed to be defective or inaccurate, meaning you’ll have to return to the office for another impression. iTero will correct its own errors in real time, meaning the digital impression is much less likely to create problems. The scans might even catch key issues that could disrupt your treatment.
  • Improved Fit: Studies have shown that aligners created from iTero suffered from far fewer fit issues.
  • Faster Turnaround: Since part of the traditional process of making Invisalign aligners is to digitize the physical mold, digital iTero scans that can be sent directly to the lab will greatly speed up the treatment. And of course, the impressions can be taken far faster, meaning you’ll spend less time in the dental chair.
  • More Comfortable: Traditional dental putty creates a mess and might even cause certain patients to gag; iTero avoids these issues entirely.
  • A Simulated Outcome: One perk of using digital scans is that they can be used to simulate what your teeth will ultimately look like after your treatment.

How We Use iTero

Holding Invisalign

The iTero scanner is useful for any kind of dental treatment that would benefit from thorough knowledge of the inside of your mouth. In particular, these scans are our preferred way of planning an Invisalign treatment thanks to the improved accuracy that’s particularly important when it comes to orthodontics.

Want to Learn More? Visit Our Practice Today!

Curious how iTero scanners and other kinds of advanced technology can leave you with a better grin? Schedule a consultation at our office in DeLand today and learn about the modern practices we use to ensure your oral treatment is a brilliant success!